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Vaishali Jariwala
Technical Analyst

Care Education is the most complete interactive solution offering the most powerful tutorial and educational tool in technical analysis. Regardless if you are a novice, expert or somewhere in between. There are many practical and visual examples and a good structure. This is a course for which tremendous effort was made to make the material easy to listen to, interesting, and useful. The lessons can be easily followed and the tool offers varying depths of knowledge. This makes the tool useful for beginners who are gaining exposure to the concepts for the first time. However it also offers advanced lessons for those who want to increase their present level of knowledge. In short the tool accommodates any student from beginning to advance. The interactivity creates the ideal environment for you to be active during the whole process and keep a high level of concentration. By answering well thought-out exercises you not only practice at the same time you are learning, but also evaluate your knowledge in any particular section until you are sure that you have mastered the topic. I would recommend to anyone interested in gaining greater understanding of the technical indicators that eventually determine the movement of an individual stock or index.

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